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denimUP work jacket

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A classic work jacket with a twist. Genderless design made from up-cycled denim clothes. Each item of clothing reclaimed was washed and separated before being cut into pieces of different sizes. The different pieces were sewn together to create a patchwork pattern.

Made to last, this jacket will see your child through each season with it's unique style and durable material. The boxy shape, dropped shoulder and longer arm allows for room to grow while being comfy and easy to wear.

Each item is entirely one of a kind. Due to the nature of the design, take into account that the item you´ll receive may be different from the one shown in the picture.

It has a wide fit so there's no need to size up.

Handmade in Setúbal, Portugal.

Take care of your denim!

  1. Wash as little as possible.
  2. Turn inside out and use a cool wash.
  3. Line dry flat.
  4. Or just air it out.
  5. Repair it when needed.
All measurements should be used as a size guide. The size chart is for kids only. 
A slight shrinkage of 2-4 % can occur, after your first washing, which is completely normal.
As kids grow faster than we think, we recommend to select one size bigger so they can enjoy the product for a longer period of time.